Friday, January 9, 2009

Tea Stain Recipe

This is my most requested recipe... What does that say about my cooking?? hmmmm

I actually buy my faux technique glaze {yes it is a glaze} at Home Depot, as they are the only ones I know that carry Ralph Lauren.... You can tint it several colors.... Near where the glaze is, you should be able to find the Ralph Lauren idea book... {it's free} on the page called will see your color choices... tea stain is one of the actual colors but the one I use is called smoke... {it's exactly the same colors added only they add more of it} I am a very visual person so I decided to take a picture of the can for you... It always helps me to see what it is I am looking for! I would suggest buying a quart... a little goes a long way... I have stained my bathroom, bathroom cabinets, laundry room, and TONS of furniture and I have used less than 1/4 of my gallon can! I have found it easiest to: paint your surface {let it dry} then I cover my hand with a rubber glove and slip a sock over it... {I keep all my boys socks with a hole in the heel, works as a thumb hole} hahahaha I then dip my sock covered hand straight into the can and start rubbing it on, kinda like your dusting... then when I am done I remove it inside out and toss NO CLEAN up! Why the rubber glove you ask?? Because the glaze soaks through the sock and I don't like my hands getting dirty... These are things I learned as I went along. Here is the recipe for a gallon in case you can't find the booklet {There is a Ralph Lauren free booklet} if they don't have it, you can take this recipe to Home Depot and they can mix it....

Faux Technique Glaze
Tinting base (RL2420)
Colorant OZ 48 96
AX Perm Yellow 0 12 0B

Lamp Black 0 18 0F

Red Oxide 0 4 0

I hope this helps..... any other questions feel free to ask.....


Empty Nest Full Life said...

I am in the mood to update my bathroom some so this would be a great help. Jackie

Elise said...

Awesome!! Now, I would never have thought about the glove and sock technique. Aren't you too cool for school!!

Mother Hood said...

I love that your socks have built-in thumb holes! The boys are so nice to customize them for you! Thanks for the recipe!

Jen @ said...

Very good tips! I have never tried tea staining, but I want to. So thanks!


Ruth said...

WOW! This is great!
Thank you for sharing it with us. I will be looking for it.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever used this on anything other than walls, like fabric? muslin maybe...

Amscon said...

Thank you for posting the recipe for RL smoke stain. I was wondering if you happen to have the recipe for the tea stain. Many years ago, I used the tea stain for glazing my kitchen cabinets and simply loved it. The glaze used to be sold at Home Depot but no longer. If I know the recipe for the tea stain, then I can just go to another paint store and have the color duplicated. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Amscon said...

Do you happen to have the recipe for RL tea stain AG02? Would greatly appreciate your help as Home Depot in my area no longer carries RL paints.