Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Decor

Went to the Dollar Tree and bought bags of Bones thanks Tausha

for the idea, the skull is from Walmart it to was only a dollar.
Sorry about the glare...

Saw this idea in one of the current fall magazines {which one was it though}?
I will post more as I finish!


Emilie Nichole said...

Looks like you figured out the pictures... you should move here!

Emilie Nichole said...

Oh and I believe the magazine was Better Homes

Elise said...

Now that I am at the right blogger account-hello!! I think blogger is more user friendly. Not that I have had a wordpress account to compare, but just from visiting it seems easier.
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Tausha said...

You know, now that you say that about the turkey-I remember. I must go and tell her that I now can be more like her than ever before!
I wanted to spray paint it white and then antique it a little with brown and some orange!
Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that I don't have so much crap it takes me days to get it all out. I did find a super cute turkey for outside from goodwill for a $1. You will have to watch for that.
So--what else have you been cooking up for halloween. You know, all that cool stuff that you give to other people!
PS-I want to do a swap-want to do a swap with each other? I love your stuff, and I thik that it would be fun!!