Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Kindergarten Teacher Gift Tutorial

Teacher Gift

I first printed Mrs. Kraemer in a cursive font on the computer on thick cardstock. Then I printed out a Giant K and traced it onto the cardstock.

Get your hot glue gun ready, start cutting crayons I used a super sharp kitchen knife and cut my crayons in thirds.

Lay the crayons out in random directions and colors on the printed letter, to make sure you like the color combination and pattern.

Hot glue on your cardstock letter. I then put the finished letter in a frame and put the glass behind the letter for support. This is 3 dimensional art so unless you are using a shadow box, it won't be behind glass.

Thank you Big Creek Cottage for the idea.


Tausha said...

this is so darling!!! what a great idea!

Mother Hood said...

That is so creative! Thanks for the "how to".

Anonymous said...

This is ADORABLE!!! I have been racking my brain to do something creative and not cheesy for teachers this yr. TOTALLY using this!! Yes, yes I am!!

Elise said...

So cute!! So creative!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Is the "K" for Kinder or for her name?

Unknown said...

So cute, bright and cherry. Well done and good job--she'll LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am so doing this!

Rachel said...

I am a teacher (3rd grade) and I LOVE this idea!! Can I do it for myself?!?! :)

Sewing-Chick said...

I love the crayon K for the teacher. As a teacher myself, I can tell you that it's the best gift ever! I now know that I will have to spell out my son's entire name and make four shadowboxes:
J- crayons
O- yo-yos
E- not sure what I'll use yet
L- matchbox cars

Thanks for the ideas!