Monday, January 26, 2009

Randomness and another Room

My hubby and I get in the car this morning to go to the grocery store.... On the drive there he turns to me and the conversation goes like this:

Hubby: Did you comb your hair today?

Me: Yes, even curled the ends, WHY??

Hubby: Did you look in the mirror?

Me: {eyes bugging out} Of course I looked in the mirror, WHY??

Hubby: Are you trying out a new style??

Me: NO, WHY?? {I went to bed with it wet last night and I have natural wave}

Hubby: Just wondering it has that run your fingers through my hair summer look...

Me: hmmmmm {wonder if that is a good or a bad thing}???

Now for another CLEAN room in this house... HOORAY!!!

The Living Room

I spy Dolce

This is what you see walking into the room.

Here is my shabby hutch, and the entry. Opposite of the huge window.

We bought 4 closet doors hinged them together and made a room divider, the family room is on the other side, the hinged doors are hiding the back of out TV which we moved down to have fires in the family room.

More random... Would any of my local friends want a bag FULL of magazines??

Family Circle, Better Homes, Martha S Living, and more???


Elise said...

That's funny about the hair!!
And you have a living room and a family room?? Its pretty!!! I am trying to feel out the layout.

Anonymous said...

Did you really post this at 5:00am???? wow. :)

I really like your living room...especially the trunk/coffee table.

Don't you just hate comments like that about your hair? I do. But I rarely 'do' my there's not much expected of me, I guess!!!

Happy Monday!

Sweet Child Kisses said...

Your house is super cute! I'd love for you to look at mine and give me some of your cutetsy ideas!

Mother Hood said...

I'm jealous of your clean house! Funny how our husbands communicate things to us! Sheesh!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Everything is so pretty! Want to come clean at my house? Jackie

Shannon said...

Funny about the hair! I don't know if that was good or bad either. :) We will say he meant it to be nice. :)

Your living room is great! I love your shabby hutch!

Tristan said...

Hi! Just stopping by..and loving your blog, I think I came from Kady Hope :)

Your house is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I love magazines! All kinds! And we can use them at school!

Anonymous said...

I think he must have liked your didn't sound like a put-down. If no one wants the MSLivings I'll take them!