Monday, February 2, 2009

I <3 TOYS!

Fisher Price Little People
Fisher Price furniture
Fisher Price accessories
Fisher Price animals
Weebles Wabble but they don't fall down... {do you remember that slogan}?

I walked into "Goodies" also known as Goodwill last week and behind the glass counter was a bag, a bag I spied with Little People looking at me, I asked the lady for it and paid right then and there, basically it was a $10.00 grab bag, I had no idea of ALL of the goodness it contained!
Here is the begining of my vintage Little People collection, I can only hope to be so lucky again! My thought is to take our playroom/craft room and hang shelves filled with vintage toys!


Michelle said...

I am SO jealous. I loved the original little people and weebles.I had both. The only thing remaing is a picture my brother with a little people stuck on his finger.

Elise said...

Well, that took me down memory lane just a little. I remember playing with those little people.
Fun stuff!!

Tristan said...

So cute!!

Mother Hood said...

Those bring back SOOOOO many memories! I picked up a like new golden cupid statue for $3 original price $15. And a "new" jacket with tags for my son for $4.25 original price $40. Thank you Goodies!

Daughter of an Artist said...

I too, had bunches of those Little People sets. My favorite was the Little People Town. Remember that? It had 6 buildings all connected and opened down the center? There was a jail, post office, fire station...I used to go to my cousin's house and I'd be so jealous 'cause she had EVERYTHING! The airplane, school house, house, bus, you name it!

jenjen said...

What a great grab bag! Those bring back some memories! How cool!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

What sweet goodies! Jackie

janie @ mommy has a blog... said...

AWESOME find! :) I loves me some Goodwill!

Sweet Child Kisses said...

I loved Little People. I wish I could find some for my little one. It is like they have disapeared of the face of the earth. You are lucky to have found some!