Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Builder??

Tanner has been busy building, not only can this kid put together Lego sets, he can create HOMES out of these brightly colored little bricks of plastic!
Gotta LOVE the hours of FUN Lego's provide!
Doesn't everyone have a jail in their home??


Mother Hood said...

The garden, campfire and clothesline are my favorites! He's got a great imagination!

Elise said...

That is amazing!! Aren't boys such fun?!?!

Jen @ said...

What detail! My son was like that when he was younger. Yours has a great imagination. Is he also very artistic? Mine still loves drawing and creating.


Unknown said...

Love it!! My son's rooms floor and shelves are covered in Lego creations and creations in the works.

Legos are some of the best toys. Hubby and I gave our childhood set to our son and he has been added to them ever since

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Six years ago, when we had our house fire, the firemen took FOREVER to come up out of our basement, only to go back down with their cameras - we had one room devoted to a "LEGO city". LEGO's rock!! Infact, the boys requested LEGO's this past year for Christmas - and got them :-D
Daddy just hated finding them in the bottom of his boot as he was craming his foot into it . . .;-p