Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fabric Carrot Tutorial

I started with a basic carrot shape. Trace it on the back side of the fabric.
Go ahead and fold your fabric 4 layers thick and cut.
Pin right sides to right sides, I made a pencil dot at the top middle and bottom middle,
to see where to start and stop. You can see I drew a 1/4 " seam allowance on one of the carrots. {that was for the tutorial purpose}
Then sew a seam on the right side of carrot pieces, from top dot to bottom dot, backstitching at the top and bottom. Do the same with the second set of carrot pieces. I snipped a couple slits at the corners, so it would round better.
Now turn one set of carrot pieces right side out.

Place it inside the other set of carrot pieces, so that right sides are together.
Next pin like crazy, you want all edges to line up.
Sew leaving about a 1" hole on one side for turning and stuffing.
Close hole with a whip stitch.
Rip green fabric I made 5
9" strips
and 1
5" strip. Use this smaller strip to tie in the center of the 9" strips, creating your carrot top.
Hand stitch to the top of your carrot!


Jill said...

Oh my goodness! This is adorable!...now if I just knew how to sew! :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jen- Is there nothing you can't do??? That carrot is TOO cute!!! Lori

Rambling Girl said...

This is totally cute! Love all the crafts you share with your friends!

Mother Hood said...

I second Lori's comment. Really Jen, you are a crafting super woman!

Bobbi Jo said...

That is so dang cute!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Elise said...

Love them!! I will have to re-visit this tutorial in the light of day. My tired brain is not gettin' it, but I am sure I can.

Elise said...

The lightbulb came on last night as I was laying in bed. Now, I just need some orange fabric. Oh, wait, I think I have some from fall...a project I never started. Imagine that!!
Oh, got the tag today, that is too cute!! Still no other box, though.

Katie D said...

You are so talented!

Viva Filipinas said...

these are so cute! perfect for a little girl's playroom and kitchen!

Our really empty nest said...

Very cute, just a tip, if you sew them up all the way around, except at the top. Then gather stitch around the top and before pulling the stitches together, insert the green leaf topping. It turns out cute and gives the top a nice shape. Sue

Mel Tales said...

OMG! SO cute. I just left you a comment about me making some fabric carrots. Thanks for the tutorial! :o)