Monday, March 16, 2009

Pedestal Bowl

A Post from the Past...
Last spring Heidi gave a Project Heidi Decorating 101 challenge…. Pedestal Bowls Decorating Essentials… In it she asked what’s in your bowl… You’ll have to see her ideas. So she asked for people to reply and send pictures of different items than she had photoed…
Here were my ideas... What are yours??

My Grandma Great's kitchen utensils

My collection of G's

My Great Grandmother’s glasses, camera, war rations, and photos

My egg, nest, and bird collection {I think these will stay for Easter}

And Heidi wanted black dice…. How about Dominoes??


mysteryhistorymom said...

I love all your bowl collections! Wow! War rations? How cool is that! Love your "G" collection, too! And you know I adore your birdie and your nest.:) Thanks for sharing! Lori

Elise said...

I was gonna say I love the first one best, but I do love the eggs and nest one also!! It occurred to me earlier that I need to get Easter decorating going on.
Hope you are having a great, if not restful, day!!

jenjen said...

Those are all wonderful ideas! I think I like the g's the best. What super inspiration!



Cheryl B. said...

I like the birds eggs best - then again I am so-o ready for spring!!!
I noticed you seemed to have re-used the same bowl? Perhaps you need to add 'pedistal bowls' to your "gift suggestions list" :-D
I have started such a list on the kitchen bulleton board, so all of "my guys" don't have to attempt to pick up clues ;-b