Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yipee I WON!

My friend Joy had a give away... I happened to stumble upon it and was the first to comment! I won! { I am thinking this is a good reason to sit in front of my computer (all day) ;) } It was a surprise give away, so I didn't even know what I was entering to win... But, I know Joy... She was kind enough to mail me this lil cutie this spring. How I could I go wrong... She did NOT disappoint! Look what I won... This C.U.T.E. owl banner! Love it!
Then she followed the WIN with... everyone who commented on the give away got 50% off anything in her shop TODAY only... Well I have been eyeing this adorable scarf for a while now, guess what I bought TODAY!

I love the colors and can't wait for FALL weather to wear it!

Look, here is a CUTE pic of Joy herself! She is a Super Sweet lady!
Thanks for bringing a lil JOY to my day!

Edit to add: How did I forget to mention, a couple weeks ago I won this give away! This is from a local friend Tina. I can't wait to sink my teeth into these "bits of bliss"!


Beth said...

Congratulations on your win! I can't argue with thinking it's a good idea to set in front of your computer all day! LOL

Elise said...

Awesome goods!! You racked up!!

Anonymous said...

lucky ducky!
i'd been eye-ing that scarf, too! boo for me :(
yay for you! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh that IS cute, and how fun to win something!! I bet that is an awesome feeling! Congrats.


jenjen said...

How fun - you are so lucky!


Rambling Girl said...

Great bunch of goodies you the banner! Have a great weekend!

Neisey said...
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Neisey said...

Congratulations on both of your wins. I also like to wear scarves. :)

Charity Grace said...

I love the scarf! I've been thinking about making one kinda like that for I just might have to do that!

Elise said...

Congrats !