Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You and "The List"

Thank you everyone, it was so much fun to have a revolving door of friends and family... Here are some of my gifts! I didn't get to photograph them all, because my camera decided to quit working...

Now for reality... I used to be such a list maker and LOVED crossing off as I accomplished my tasks, somewhere along the way I stopped making lists, therefore not accomplishing my tasks, make sense?? Well here is my current list {so far}...


Cindy said...

Hi Jen, I am a list maker too and I just posted about this today as well. Looks like you have a busy and full day ahead of you.

I've been reading you for awhile, but decided it was time to say hi.

Stop over and have a cup of tea with me.


Ruth said...

I love to make lists and cross things off, too. It makes you feel good. I have quite a few lists going right now. Lots to do before the holidays are here. I'm sure you know the feeling.


Elise said...

I NEED to make lists, but I'd probably just loose them or they'd end up as clutter on my countertops!!
Love your gifties!! Sorry I wasn't in Ca. this time...:(

Unknown said...

Yes. Lists. How do we survive without them? When I make a list and start to cross things off, I sometimes add other things I've done that day (AFTER I've done them!) and cross them off too!!! Just a little insight to my life.

sherri said...

Sock Monkeys-Yeah!!!! My daughter says she wants one too!

Mother Hood said...

Love the M&Ms and Pepsi! So YOU!

Cheryl B. said...

so many things to smile about - COOL!!

For Elise, I bought a huge roll of the blue 3-M tape (like they use when painting cars) and stick my list to a kitchen cupboard door - visible, unstackable reminder :-} {I've been know (upon rare occasion o;-p) to leave the grocery list hanging at home and call home to have one of the sons read it to me ... 8-p}

And like Mark, I too often add things to the list which I have already compleated, just so that I could immediatly check them off, also so that by the end of the day, I could see I really had accomplished a lot, whether it felt that way to me or not. Back in the day, when I had three in idapers, accomplished diaper chenges often got added and then checked off too ;-p

You know I'd love to help you drink up your Pepsi o;-p And as for M&M's, ealier this week I posted about brownies that I added regular M&M's too - go read it!!

I got a call from the sewing machine shop yesterday to pick up my machine .. and pay them the $25 inspection fee, but due to the mixture of a cracked head and the machines age, it isin't fixable ... :-( A new machine is definetly on my 'wish list'!!

May the rest of your week hold even more fun surprises for you ;-}

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I used to make lists all the time! Now I just make lists to remind me to make lists.

Love the presents.....Pepsi and m&m's--My kind of present!!

Annette said...

i have always been a list maker too. like you, Ive stopped making lists so much and have been unorganized and frustrated since doing school full time at night. Im trying hard to get back into the list making.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I'm assuming the gifts were for your Birthday? If so, Happy Birthday. They say Birthdays aren't fun once you are an adult (though I still love mine). Looks like yours was a great one!

Rebecca of the R&W Gals