Friday, April 30, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Next week marks teacher appreciation week, I thought it would be fun to deliver some goodies to the boys teachers... First is a jar of pencils the original idea came from here, lucky for me my pal Katie has a vinyl business That's All She Wrote she was able to make and deliver personalized teachers names for me to rub on a Walmart jar...
Filled with fun FRESH pencils!

Another day the boys will deliver tattered flower pins in summery colors!

They will also be delivering a giant book apple made from a dictionary

I bought at the thrift shop.

Oh and they will be taking cupcakes in a mason jar
{not pictured, because they aren't made yet}


Nancy said...

absolutely darling.. I am a sucker for anything in a cute jar. Thanks for the ideas.

fiberdoodles said...

They are sooo cute! The apple is just amazing!!

Katherine Ann said...

Cute ideas!! I really like the cupcakes in a mason jar idea! Thanks!!

Blondie's Journal said...

The homemade, handmade gifts are the best!


Rachel Berry said...

Oh what cute cute ideas!!! I love that you are sending something all week! Me I'm just sending on Monday, I figure the chocolate should last all week. ;)

Michelle said...

Ooh...Love them! I sooo wish I taught your children!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy R. said...

Such cute ideas! Can't wait to see how the cupcakes turn out.

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Jen :-D

For many years my brother worked at a printing company. Once he brought me home a box full of 'scrap' pads of paper. While they didn't have prinitng on them, not one had finished edges, most were not the same size, etc..

I bought a very cute ink stamp which had a bunch of old fashioned style children in a line on it.

My husband had rescued some ink pads from a dumpster at his work.

I did up note pads for each of the boys teachers, the principle, the secratarys (for numerous reasons we had a lot of contact with them all of the time), and the school janitor. While sitting waiting for something some place, I'd put stamp to pad, to paper and produce note pads where every sheet of paper had been stamped on the bottom.

On the top sheet, I wrote a note to the individual person, put a ribbon around the pad with a pencil attached, loaded them into a basket, and went delivering.

They all claimed they loved them, and a couple of times I had the previous years teachers hinting that they had used theirs up and wondering if they still qualified for one ;-p

I think your dictionary apples are a wonderfuly creative idea!!!!

Looking forward to my sample of your cupcakes in a mason jar .. I mean o;-p

CHERI said...

I am a retired teacher but wanted to tell you THANK YOU for remembering your children's teachers! Teachers work so very hard, spend lots of their own money, and lose sleep over concerns for their students. Being remembered in kind ways is always appreciated! You are very thoughtful.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Such cute ideas! I love the apple from the dictionary--awesome.

Em said...

OK OK I get it now... Teacher appreciation WEEK - disregard my dumb email. Well, it's Monday... let's see what I can whip up before 2pm! I am saving the pencil jar till the end of the year... just in case I PROCRASTINATE... who me? Never!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the apple book idea - I had everything in the house already and whipped two up in no time - I cut out a leaf from the scrap book pages and pushed them into a green stamp pad and glued them to the stem - LOVED them - so did my son's teacher. They don't recognize teacher appreciation week here in Canada so his teacher was pretty surprised to get a gift just because. Thanks again :)

Erin said...

So cute! Love your book apples!