Monday, June 14, 2010

Chicken Wire Beach Cloche

I ♥ chicken wire. I ♥ a fun cloche. I ♥ antique white spray paint. I ♥ glass knobs.
I ♥ the beach.
I made this for a friend who has a beach themed room!


KiwiLisa said...

I LOVE your projects!
Great job on these.
It reminds me of trips to Washington in the summertime.

Mud Pie Studio said...

Love the cloche! How did you make that? I think we need a tutorial! =)

Elise said...

I heart them, too!! She will love it!!

Em said...

Ahhh the wire cloches... my fingies hurt just thinking about making them. Another fun crafting day though! And I saw that one in person and LOVED the blue knob ;)