Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Happy Day Project

My friend Julie and her friend Jeannett Have created
The Happy Day Project, here is a little info...
This whole use your blog for good thing is fun! So they brainstormed and came up with a little plan. For one week we will spread sunshine unexpectedly. Many of the tasks are easy, lots of them can involve little ones. All of them will be a little ray of light in some one's day. But we also wanted to make it cute. We like cute. So we enlisted super talented friends who donated their time and skill to make printables that go with the day's task.

A peek at next weeks missions:

What's next? We start Monday. Both Jeannett and Julie will be a day ahead so we are able to post about the daily task bright and early in the morning. Each assignment will have many options so you can tailor it to your family, your community, or your schedule. At the end of the week we will celebrate the days that were made just a little bit happier with a big linky party and some super fun surprises. What can you do? Join in! Commit to spending the next couple of days thinking and planning what you are going to do. Even better than that, help us spread the word. Blog, tweet, facebook, pin, sky write, about The Happy Day Project. Lets flood the world with sunshine next week.


Elise said...

I totally LOVE this idea!!! Very awesome and a great way to think and bless others.

Roslyn said...

Have you read The Love Revolution by Joyce Myer? It is exactly about doing something like this. They are also on Facebook

Ruth said...

This sounds like an excellent project. Thanks for sharing it.