Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pottery Barn Leaf Garland Tutorial

This was last years creation, but very worth posting again...

Today I am sharing my Pottery Barn {knock off} Leaf Garland...

You will need:

*Medium width ribbon

{I used brown with cream stitching in the by the yard ribbon at Walmart}

*Tiny ric rac {I used green}

*Various sheets of felt in what ever colors make you smile

{I purchase my felt from Joann's}

*Coordinating embroidery floss

Simply cut out your leaves as many as you want I have included my pattern below.
Hand Stitch your veins and tack on ribbon with your embroidery floss...

Now reward yourself with a FALL snack...

Yummy Acorns

You will need...

*Mini Nilla Wafers

*Nutella {you can also use chocolate frosting}

*Hershey Kisses

Spread a little bit of Nutella on your Nilla wafer {it's the glue}

Cap your kiss and add a little bit on top {stem}


Nancy said...

The garland is darling and the acorns... my kids would go bananas over. FUn snack! Happy day to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I thought the garland was cute but then I saw the edible acorns! YUMMMM! Both projects are awesome. I have been wanting to do a fall-y bunting... If I can find some nice felt, I'll give your tutorial a whirl. Thanks for sharing!

Elise said...

Very awesome, Jenny!!! LOVE that garland!!!

Ruth said...

Super cute garland.