Monday, March 26, 2012

Burlap Mason Jar with Flower Tutorial

Mason jar
Burlap (I used the huge roll from the garden dept. at Walmart)
Cut to the size of your jar and glue on.
Coffee filters or tissue paper
Coffee (for staining)
For making the flower you will cut coffee filters or tissue paper into
3, six inch circles.
Crinkle them up it makes the flower look better.
Dip them in coffee at this point for a bit if you want the stained look.
Let dry.
Stack on top of each other.
Grab in the middle.
Tie with a piece of twine leaving long tails on each side of the knot.

Tie twine to the mouth of your jar.
There you have a pretty
centerpiece, vase, mother's day gift, teacher gift, etc


Elise said...

That is so cute, Jenny!! Jealous of your fun craft night!!

Nicole said...

Hi Jenny! Just found your blog and am really liking it! I think Ill be your 5001st follower. :)