Saturday, January 24, 2009

I {heart} Elise Valentine Swap

Oh happy Saturday, my mailman delivered today.

Elise made me a ruffled apron I named her "Fancy" super cute! And just look at the dish towel, she is an amazing seamstress.
Here is a close up...

and pom poms....

Looky here a silver cherub and X and O

I adore Elise's tassel and made sure she knew it ;) behold my Valentine tassel!

Elise suggested I get a Valentine tree, I agreed under the condition she supplied ornies.... Boy did she! Dough hearts, tags, and shutter slats that have words on both sides... I love my Valentine tree!

She covered a G with sheet music... I love the letter G!

Another tag and typewriter key stickers, and this great twill tape ribbon.

Oh yes, and she so gets me that she included shutter slats of my very own for decorating!

also included was two of my favorite things, acorns and gingerbread men!


Sweet Child Kisses said...

Elise did a great job! Love the valentines tree!

Elise said...

Glad you {heart} it all!! I had so much fun making everything for you!! Yay for twins!! I think we have the same hair!!
Love ya!!

Mother Hood said...

Work it Jen! You are so cute! That apron ROCKS! I'd be afraid to cook in something so cute!

Okay, so head on over to my blog and check out my Valentine's Project for husbands! You are officially invited. If you have any friends (blog or real-life) that would like to join that'd be great!

Jen @ said...

Oh my goodness -- I don';t know what to comment on first! That is like the coolest apron EVER. I love the Valentine's tree -- so cute! And the letter with the musical paper on it -- LOVE IT. Wow - you are a lucky girlie!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I saw everything Elise sent you over at her blog...super cute stuff! And you sent her super cute stuff, too!!
Love your blog and shop...and so glad you received your tags and you like them! Stop by my blog anytime. :)

Beth said...

what a great looking swap package!