Friday, February 27, 2009

What will they think of NEXT??

One of the little guys I take care of has a cold... I told his mom yesterday, that I felt bad for his raw little nose. So today she brought him with these! You read correctly... BOOGIE wipes! They are SUPER soft and moistened with saline.... The bonus is they are lightly scented with grape smell... I have to tell you this little guy gets EXCITED to have his nose wiped! LOVE it! My baby is only 6 and we had NOTHING like this when he was a baby!


Elise said...

Hilarious!!! I had never heard of them until you told me about them.

The Smith's said...

Never heard of them! I didnt know you take care of children! That is what I do while Im in school at the community college for Early Childhood :)

Jill said...

How funny! My kiddos even call them "boogies". I'm buying some :)

Tausha said...

My baby is only 4-well-I guess almost 5. They didn't have anything cool like this. I had to use old school things like-kleenex and screaming children that didn't want me any where near them with the Boogy wipes!
I am thinking that who ever thought of this is a genious and their kids noses don't hurt!

Tanya said...

we have them and love them!

empaige said...

I am so getting those!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting something about those wipes! We were wondering if they worked or not. You know why would you need more wipes?!! Now I will have to get some with Spring coming soon I am sure there will be a need.