Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a GREAT mail day!! Waiting on my porch was three packages!!

I ordered some shirts from Old Navy and they came {now I have to try them on} the green box is part two of my spring swap from Elise, the padded envelope from one of my favorite etsy shops!

Elise found monogram G stamps, and birdie/butterfly stamps, a metal "G", birdie idea book she embellished with ribbon, sweet egg salt and pepper shakers, a metal bird cage charm, bag of speckled eggs, AWESOME nest stamp, and a framed nest print!!!

This Happy bird stone was in the padded envelope!! Thanks Jes... I LOVE IT!

Now for the other items in my big box... Elise is also my personal shopper...
She got me the white cage while junkin' {it works something like this...} my cell phone chimes, I have a picture text, do you want this, it's $3.97... I hit reply "YES", cell phone rings... I answer, "hey I am at HL they have toile tissue paper how many do you want"... Home phone rings, "I am at Old Time Pottery they have the white birds I made your tassel out of how many do you want"?? Ring Ring, "want some toile ribbon half off"?? Yeah that's how we roll, of course this didn't all happen in one day, more like a month worth of shopping... Now I am off to pay my Elise bill... Thanks girl... I L.O.V.E the spring swap goodies and my personal order!!!


Rambling Girl said...

OMHGoodness...I love that pic of the nest in the frame. I was looking for something to this effect to put in my bathroom that I am doing over with that shower curtain I got. I can't believe you have got it...so cute! Love all the neat things you have gotten from Elise.

Love the stone rock that Jes did...she has some cute things!

Enjoy all your goodies...I am so jealous!...no really happy for you and all the sweetness you received!

Ruth said...

That's sounds like so much fun. I love to get packages. The swap things are great!! How neat that Elise shops for you while thrifting. I could use that.

Mother Hood said...

That is so cool! Elise is such a sweetie! I'm glad you two found each other! :)

Elise said...

Glad you like everything!! So sorry you had to wait months for it!! ;)
You know I will be your personal shopper forevah!!
Love the Jes stone!! I need one...that girl sells out sooo quickly.

mysteryhistorymom said...

WOW! Such fabulous goodies! Elise knows what you like!:) (You know, I almost bought those salt and pepper shakers for you.:)) I love everything else, too! Elise is a fabulous little sister!

And Jes- can I say enough lovely things about her? Never in a million years. LOVE her.:)
You are such a sweetie, Jen. I am so thrilled that you got such wonderful happy mail! Lori

V and Co. said...

WOW those are some really sweeeet things to get in an exchange and getting it in the mail is even better! i love getting nice things in the mail!

Jill said...

What delights! Elise is an amazing shopper...might be a calling there... LOVE the stone from Jes...I have three that I just treasure!!!

jenjen said...

What a wonderful day! I love getting mail. And your packages are so wonderful. I love all of those Spring things. So cute!


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

The pic of all the blue things made my heart sing. I literally gasped! How pretty!!! That's fun mail.

Anonymous said...

Must've missed this post....how FUN that Elise shops for ya! SInce us poor folk in Ca don't have a Hobby Lobby! :(
SO glad you like your stone...thanks for the shout out! :)