Friday, May 1, 2009

Do you believe??

I woke up yesterday morning and made yummy brown eggs from my friends chickens. I asked my husband if we could get some chickens, he said, we weren't allowed to own chickens within the city limits... But why I argued, I would make a cute coop for them, and treat them as pets... He said our city would not allow it... :(
So yesterday evening as I was sitting at my laptop, I heard leaf crunching sounds, didn't think much of it, thought it was a big blue bird, but when it didn't stop, I thought... Some ONE is in my back yard!! I quietly got up and looked out... and what do I see??
Oh yes, you read right... A CHICKEN... Say what? We live in the city, NO where near chickens... Lord, did you send me a chicken?? Ask and ye shall receive!!!
I grabbed my camera and quietly went out I got a few shots, but clearly I scared her, she fluttered up in my tree... I came back in a got a dish of bird food and water, hopefully she will come down and find the food?? I have no idea how long she will be here... But I do think it is comical and I am glad I took pictures, because when I called to see if my hubby was messing with me {although he was at work 40 minutes away} he couldn't believe it!!!


Kellie said...

LOL. That's awesome!!!

Hopeful Housewife said...

Don't you just love when God shows his sense of humor :)

Elise said...

Hahahahaha!! That reminds me of Field of it and they will come. I have chills just typing it!! I think that should be your chicken. I was just thinking about that earlier. Jackson was asking if we could have chickens and I told him I didn't think we could cause we are in the city limits.

mysteryhistorymom said...

You are cracking me up! I do love the thought of fresh eggs, but we are not allowed to have chickens, either. Bummer. I can't wait to hear the end of your adventure! Lori

Jen @ said...

That is so funny!!! My sister is getting chickens. She is building a mobile chicken coop. I think it would be really cool!


Unknown said...

Only YOU would be able to handle a chicken in the city!! Hahaha! Ya, I think you need one more mouth to feed...but wait!! It can give food back! Yes, defifitly a gift from God! Love this post first thing in the morning! Thanks for the smile.

Kelly Bergsing said...

How funny!! I want chickens, too! I called my city and they said if we were keeping them as pets or for eggs, they are ok. We just can't slaughter them for meat. Check with your city. I love organic eggs and cant afford them. I will eventually get my husband to agree. I have plans for a really cute chicken coop. :)

onegirliegirl said...

That is hilarious!!!

Unknown said...

I betcha a cat will get the chicken out of the tree... ;0P

Well good luck finding the eggs, it'll be an easter egg hunt all over again.

Robin Beck said...

That is the funniest thing ever!
I think you and I must have been separated at birth, because I want chickens too but live in the city limits also! The house right behind the greenbelt behind my house is not in the city limits... I wonder if they would let me build a little coup in their greenbelt? Hmmmm. :)

Have a great weekend~
Aren't fresh eggs the best? I used to live on 40 acres!

Em said...

You are a weirdo - but I love you. And if you keep your chicken, I want eggs ;) I want chickens too, Aaron and I are already planning our farmhouse :) Did you know our city code also says we cannot have rabbits!

sherri said...

That's hilarious Jen! Yes, I do believe, "Ask and you shall receive!"

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!
TOOOOOO funny. :)
We want chickens, too...a couple families from our homeschool group have them (they live out in the country) and they are so much fun! ANd yummy! (somehow that didn't sound right.....)

ps...I got your email of good reads...YOU ARE THE BEST. Like, EVER. ;)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Wow! What do you think God was trying to say? I was thinking the other day how wonderful it would be to have some chickens, and then that little withing the city limits thing dashed away those fun thoughts. Jackie

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

I agree with 'Hopeful Housewife' about loving it when God shows his sense of humor!!!! HE cracks me up all of the time!!!
I most definetly am a 'country girl' at heart. But He has me living in the city. B-u-t in what use to be the farm house for this area (the kitchen and bathroom were added on in the '20's, our garage was the carriage house, and we've learned the garden grows so good because a certain type of little house sat there for years :-p). Also our little yard has or does play(ed) host to: a family of squirrels (they use to nest in the hole in the tree right out our living room window till that huge section came down), a bunny, chipmunk, racoon, possum (the mom buit her nest in our garage behind a stack of wood scraps), and one year a wood duck built her nest on the part of the broken off tree section - which made her just about even with my bedroom window, so we talked every morning. Once the 14 babys were ready to head down to the river, we stopped traffic to help her get them across the very busy street (she chose morning rush hour to travel) and saw them safely to the river ;-}

Mother Hood said...

I wanted chickens or ducks for eggs too! But I checked out the city rules and it's a no no. Get this, I had to stop for a TURKEY in the parking lot at W&R as I was leaving the spa!

I hope it works out for you and her!